How to deal with tire kickers...

You know the type of people I mean right? The ones that say they'...

You know the type of people I mean right?

The ones that say things like…

“Sure, let me think about it and come back to you in a few months”.

“I’m so busy right now but let me absorb these details and come back to you”.

“Can you send me a presentation and include some case studies?”.

The internet version of “tire kickers”.

Not that I have ever worked in car sales, but these are the people who come to the showroom just to look and have no intention of buying.

You have to accept it for what it is and filter these guys out long before it gets to a painful stage.

Getting angry at them isn’t going to help you or your business evolve.

It’s really just a signal that you are talking to the right amount of people - you just have to cut them out before it makes you more upset.

Having tire kickers in your funnel or sales process is just part of the process. You can do all the tinkering you like around your sales pages, CTA’s, and copy.

Ultimately it’s about creating an offer that is an absolute no-brainer.

The kind of offer that people can say yes or no to in a DM - there is no other hesitation because it’s so good they’ll either buy or not.

What is a no brainer offer?

Our 90-minute workshop session to get you to leverage your profile for more clients/customers/subscribers on 𝕏.

SALES FOCUSED 1-1 Live & Recorded Zoom Session (hosted by me, Jason).

KNOW your profile is working for you 24/7

UNDERSTAND the exact steps to take.

HOW to focus with just a few minutes per day.

OVER the shoulder screen sharing.

LEARN at your own pace (if time runs out extra sessions are free).

START getting results in week one.

APPLY the exact methods we use for the clients we work with.

BONUS - Free follow-up session 2 weeks later to go through all your activities help make refinements and celebrate your successes!

Sound good?

Well, this is what a no-brainer offer looks like and about making something easily accessible for anyone to start using and get an impact from their activity here on 𝕏.

Who’s it for?

Coaches, consultants, ecom, startups, SAAS providers, FMCG, amazon sellers, web3, literally anyone who’s selling anything here.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes - because we know it works we’ve included a 5-month money-back guarantee on this.

The investment?

Your investment here in this workshop is $189. Normally priced at $349 and will return to that price on Monday.

So, how do I start?

1 - Pay here.

2 - Reply to this email or DM me on 𝕏.

3 - I’ll send you the invite link to book the first session.

Look forward to meeting you on the call.