Talk to 100's more people this month

Talk to 100's more people this month...

One of the biggest problems we see from the people we talk to and the clients we work with…


How can you turn all the other activities you do here into a one-on-one conversation?

  • All the posts you put out

  • All the comments you send

  • All the spaces events you show up and talk in

How can you get that activity into a conversation?

How can you move people from a like to scheduling a call with you?

The answer?

Targeted & Smart DM Introductions.

See, the problem is what most people do, doesn’t work.

They go straight for the sale.

You’ve probably got a spam box full of bad messages that are completely uninspiring, trying to crowbar you into something you don’t even want or need.

I know that’s the only way to do it.

When you switch that to just starting a grown-up conversation - you’ll get:

  • More Responses

  • More Open Participants (Without Being Scared The Pitch Is Coming)

  • More Chance Of Remembering You

  • (ALGO HACK) More Chance Of Seeing Your Content Next Time You Post

  • More Learnings About Your Client Problems

Here is a very simple offer we’re giving to 5 businesses this month.

This is not about fake scarcity - this is about focused work with a small number of clients rather than trying to work with 50, we’ll give FIVE businesses the opportunity to completely shift their experience here.

It gets better - go to the bottom of this to see the extra bonus you lock in for the future too!

Let’s break this down exactly, what you need and what you’ll get.

What you need -

  • A Blue Check (premium subscriber).

  • Appetite For Change.

  • 1 Hr Time For A Call With Me.

What you’ll get -

  • 1-hour Working Session To Evaluate And Maximize Your Profile And Bio (No Theory, We Just Do The Work).

  • Targeting Of Ideal Customer + Opening Message Structure.

  • 1000+ Messages Per Week - Including No Repeat Messaging (So No Messages Sent To People You Are Already Or Have Already Spoken With).

  • 1 Month Of Messages Going Out Every Day And An Inbox FULL Of Interested Responses Coming Back To You Daily.

  • Real, Meaningful Conversations From Your Opening Message.


We do it all for you.

All you have to do is reply to their messages to you.

How much is it?

Typically we charge between $750/$1200 for this depending on volumes and work involved.

But we’ve decided to package this into a price structure that any business can afford.

OH AND - the best part?

This is not a one-time offer. The price won’t revert back to the original price after your first month.

Take advantage of this now and you’ll lock in this price each and every month - no increases.

Again, this is only open to 5 businesses.

That makes sure we can get those 5 businesses the best results possible.

If you want to pay with your credit card, make sure you select Google Pay or enter your card details on the 3rd option.

The price won’t even make you blink twice.

Any questions - email me at [email protected] send me a DM, or just reply to this mail.